Up to ep 8 of My Secret Romance

So far all the episodes seem to have merged into one long flirtation, there is really no plotline to move along, no bad guys to combat, it’s just all about these two people inching along to a place where feelings are acknowledged.

He is a wonderful specimen who keeps your eyes lingering for long after they should. She is a timid, pouty little mouse who doesn’t have much going for her in my mind. Yes she has issues with her mommy and they have impacted on her life but it hasn’t crippled her.

I have no idea what these two characters have in common other than the physical attraction. He also has a past issues which, so far, have not explored at all. I do like that they have lots of chemistry between them because that is really the highlight of this drama; if you’re looking for more you are going to be disappointed.

For me it fits the bill right now so I’m not complaining. I’m just in the mood to see these two beautiful people circling around each other with burning stares and sexy hiccups while the flames become larger and larger. lol!

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