OK… now this is getting annoying!!

One of my favourite actors is Kim Jae Wook. Every time I see him on the screen he just breaks my heart and the poor guy is doomed to play the hopeless second lead over and over again! What is wrong with the people over there in Korea???

Just once I would love to see him as the lead actor – with a worthy actress right beside him. I’m sure that he’d be amazing. I just read that he’s been cast – yet again – as second fiddle in the new drama with Seo Hyun Jin – I think they’re going to be wonderful together and that’s going to make me even angrier. I have no idea who the young man is who is playing the lead but at his age I’m sure he could have waited a little longer. Jae Wook has been around for a while now and still nothing. I’m hoping that he’ll have some sort of break soon, much like Nan Goong Min who has finally been “discovered” and given lead roles. I’m pleased about that because I’ve always liked him but now it’s Jae Wook’s turn!