Legend of Fuyao releases stills of its main cast

Yang Mi looks gorgeous here, and I’m reserving judgment on how much I like/dislike Ethan Ruan’s hair in the historical up-do. (Interesting how they either list him as Ruan or Juan – the pronunciation is kind of split between an R and J, sort of like the Korean split between M/B for words like “muoh” and N/D for “nei”).


Legend of Fuyao is the upcoming period fantasy drama starring Yang Mi (Brotherhood of Blades II) as Meng Fuyao, the cenral figure in a complicated love heptagon. Ethan Ruan (Candle in the Tomb – Weasel Grave) plays Zhangsun Wuji, the prince of Wuji Kingdom who also has a mysterious connection to the Firmament.

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