I find myself in an unusual position…


I’ve got 4 episodes left to go to finish Fight My Way and I can hardly make myself start a new episode! I’ve been watching the last 6 of the ones I watched previously 1 episode at a time, so reluctant to click “play” on the one that follows. “Why is that?” you may ask. I blame it all on my Park Seo-joon Swoon Syndrome.

For your viewing pleasure, Exhibit A

But truthfully, it’s not so much his physical perfection (though I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a draw), but the candor and sincerity in his acting. He just imbues his character with so much pure decency that it almost hurts to watch him. I completely understand why the annoying ex-GF can’t let go of him (even after dumping him countless times for men with more $$), though anyone fool enough to value $$ over decency deserves nothing but the sh#theels of the world.

I’m also getting to the high stakes and mistakes part of the drama, particularly for the second couple’s story, so I’d like to savor the happy glow part (at least in my head) a little longer. But finish this one I will, if only to indulge in some PSJS and fangirl flailing.

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