Chief Kim – all finished!

I must say that I quite enjoyed it and I’m going to miss these people..or at least most of them! Yes there were some moments when I wanted to shout and say..”Can you please be serious for a minute????” After a while though the goofiness  of our hero came with the territory and didn’t bother me as much and in fact – when some brief and shining moments did come – they seemed even more poignant and heartwrenching by contrast. I did hesitate when I found out that romance wasn’t going to make an appearance but really it did (after all). A good bromance can be just as satisfying in a totally different way and I loved it here!!

Spoilers below, tc – in case you want to watch this…

I’m super glad that Yul came back to the sunshine and that the little hints that we got from him initially actually came to fruition. He ended up being a super decent guy who actually liked himself. I would have liked to find out a little more of his backstory. Why was he so driven, and why did he EAT so  The ambiguous ending… is he dating our girl or are they still just friends? This is just an idle question because I’d be fine with either scenario.

What I loved was the personal growth of the characters..the conflict they overcome..the second chances that are extended..this is truly inspiring I think. And while I never really doubted that the spoiled brat who had grown up by the end of the drama was never going to go back to that empty spoiled life of a chaebol, it felt sooo good to see him act responsibly and to see him take responsibility for others, as well as gaining self-respect and new friends. I loved all the office folk, though some of our dear side characters were fleshed out more than others: the undercover detective, the crazy cleaning lady, even our coffee girl (though briefly). I never got bored in seeing them on the screen. I loved the teamwork… the trust.… the caring that they had for each other. I thought our heroine was a little overshadowed but she was consistently portrayed throughout and was the catalyst that kept it all together.

There were so many favourite scenes too (and I’m not even talking only of the kisses that Yul was “forced” to…so cute) but truly I loved the human scenes, the ones where the characters connected person to person – friend to friend, mentor to pupil – and one thing I didn’t notice till yesterday’s final episode was that somewhere along the way our hero lost that awful orange hair!!!!!!!!!!! Hurrah!!

It made me a bit sad though at the end that all our dear friends were re-united while our hero moved on without them. He went back to his “old” life but with good intent this time (supposedly) and probably righting the wrongs he’d done in the past and steering them to follow the right road. Obviously his talents are needed elsewhere and I can just imagine his reception as he starts all over again.

One thing for sure, Mr. Righteous certainly lived up to his name!

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