Forest of Secrets – up to Ep 9

Whom do I trust?????? Who is real??? I think I know but honestly these writers are having so much fun with us in peeling the onion skin oh so slowly and throinw little tidbits to consider (just in case you think you have it figured out.) I’ve come to consider every line of dialogue and look for hidden meanings.

Spoilers follow after the jump.

I know I have it bad when in one of the final scenes where Shi Mok is talking to Yeojin and she asks if he trusts her and will she get investigated and he assured her that that wouldn’t be necessary. Normally I would take that at face value, after all, they are my two heroic characters who are trying to get to the bottom of things and right some wrongs, but in this drama I’m second guessing myself and I love it!!!

I’m also so much enjoying seeing him come to some degree of awareness of human emotions—his own or others—and I love the voyage of discovery he is on, whether he realizes it or not. In the end it might be just too much to ask that he is involved in any relationship at all—amorous at least—he’s just too far away from that, but I’d love to see him with a sincere friend who really cares and isn’t just using him or, more sadly, ignoring him as they would a robot.

It speaks to the strength of this character and actor portraying him because I really do find him so attractive, and he’s not even my usual choice! He’s definitely not tall, and dark but oh so handsome! lol…


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