Father Is Strange – Impressions

Here is why I watched this drama:

Yep, I watched it for Lee Joon and Jung So-min. They are a very cute couple and I especially like his natural acting style. I think he manages to capture a very authentic, nicely underplayed young man, who goes through quite a bit to get to his happy ending. (He is looking for his birth father, thinks he’s found him, can’t seem to shake his affection for his new ‘half-sister’, and has the emotional rug pulled out from him.) I loved his immature youngster Romeo daddy character in Heard It Thru the Grapevine, and it’s almost as if we see how that lad has become a man. Sadly, this is his last role for a while as he starts his military service next month (or maybe October). She’s a little awkward and virginal at times, but she’s given some sound reasons for her insecurities (though not for her horrible eyewear – jumbo glasses).

I will admit to doing some heavy FFing thru some most of the other plots just to get to the good stuff, but there are some redemptive moments for most of the other plot lines, enough for me to recommend this with my blessings to FF too.

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