Forest of Secrets – Up to Ep 13

Oh NOOOOOOOO…not Eun Soo..


She was a pesky and annoying thing at the beginning but she grew on me..there were many things about her to like..once we could see that, though she had her own personal agenda, she really wasn’t part of the bad guys. Also, her intriguing quasi-relationship with Shi Mok was so interesting to watch and to speculate about. I don’t think that there was anything romantic about it at all..I think he was someone whose opinion mattered. The writing was on the wall of course once she discovered the latest tidbit..but that’s not to say that I automatically believe that Yoon did it. Those writers are canny enough so that I don’t take anything at face value any he pretending or is he really shocked? I have to say though that the reveal of his involvement didn’t come as a complete surprise though..there was something he said a couple of episodes back and how he said it (regarding the girl that he was supposedly guarding) that put my alert up so I wasn’t as surprised as I should have been.  That still doesn’t make him out to be a murderer though..yes he was definitely capable of it..and what he did was pretty bad but until I know the reason why he let her live I won’t be certain..course do we know that he let her live or did she just not die as he expected?

Back to Eun Shoo..I just don’t know what Shi Mok will do..nothing outwardly of course..that’s not him..but how will it impact on him? Can he even feel guilt and regret at putting her off when she called him?  I’m going to miss this girl and especially I’m going to miss what could have been..after all..couldn’t he have had two friends instead of the one? Even if nothing romantic came out of it..I loved their interactions ..I loved that she poked at him and got under his skin..I even loved how everyone else kind of thought they were “together” sweet…so bittersweet….

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