Finished Forest of Secrets!

There’s soooo much to love in this drama. It was really a great experience. I fell in love all over again with our star and have a new appreciation of our heroine. I think she was just perfect in this role – I’m curious as to how she would tackle a romantic role though — I have NO doubts whatsoever about him (lol), though the only two dramas that I’ve seen him in haven’t had romance!!

For me there was no weak link or fast forward material at all – how often can we say that?? And what I really liked was that the characters were so well written and so real and they stayed true to character till the end. The writers never went off track. The good, the bad, the ugly of life… it showed that there is no magic solution but that you just have to keep on trying to get rid of the bad guys. And the show asks us, who are the real monsters?

It reminded me sooo strongly of Punch though. Watching that drama was an unforgettable experience. It had just the same tight writing, plot twists, amazing characters, human emotion and frailty and weakness galore.  The acting was superb. There were no real heroes and lots of villains and I felt so exhausted as the writers led the audience by the nose along the twisted path! I wouldn’t have missed it for the world though.

These are the kinds of dramas that will stay with us and make us happy to be fans of the genre.

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