See you in 2 years, Taecyeon!

Taecyeon (from 2PM) quietly slipped off to start his military service yesterday (today/Monday in South Korea), without any fanfare – just his family and his closest pals in 2PM in attendance. You have to hand it to this guy; he gave up his US citizenship (he had dual citizenship) and went thru several surgeries (he’d had some bad arm injuries) in order to fulfill his duties. He could probably have gotten excused, or very light duty, but he’s going to go into a regular unit.

I know that he gets a lot of criticism for his acting, but honestly, I don’t think he’s that bad at most of his efforts at emoting. I do want to see his current drama, Save Me, but I’m waiting until it’s done and until I have the right mindset, as it’s a dark one.

With all the hue and cry over what’s going on in NK, let’s hope he and all of his countrymen and women, serving or at home, remain safe.

#ok-taec-yeon, #taecyeon