Duel – Just started

Wow… even if I didn’t know ahead of time that this was created by the same people who made Nine, I would have seen the stamp all over it. It’s been quite the ride for these first 4 episodes.

OCN dramas are always gritty and in your face and this is no different. While the premise seems so familiar, a parent looking for a kidnapped child, it’s become so much more than that. First of all the lead actor (Jung Jae-Young) is superb in this – his desperation is palpable as he absorbs shock after shock and breaks rule after rule. His daughter is adorable – no surprise there – and his supporting cast are quite adequate. I’ve taken a dislike to one of the lead actresses but I’ve just decided to ignore her. 😁

Now we come to the wrinkle to the usual story – a clone anyone?? Our clone here is played by the handsome Yang Se-Jong (where has this sexy guy been??) He reminds me a little of  Lee Song-ki and he’s doing a great job of playing two roles: one as the confused and frustrated guy who is being blamed for a crime he has no memory of and secondly as the heartless killer who is setting him up. We have no real answers yet but lots of questions. They’ve just now introduced a young reporter who might or might not represent the romance of the drama (if they have one). But one of the highlights is the grudging bromance which has developed between our hapless victim clone and our lead dad – both need each other to find answers to those questions.

It’s not necessarily an easy watch but it’s quite riveting and I’m enjoying it immensely.

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