I’m really looking forward to this one

I’ve missed seeing Lee Min Ki. His last drama was in 2012 and that was only for a short run so it’s already a plus to have him but the rom com he’s starring in. Because This Is My First Life looks like it’s going to be such fun — not necessarily original— after all we’ve seen a whole bunch of enforced co-habitation haven’t we? But with him in the mix I’m sold.

Also I loved the clip I just saw; at the end of which he is is so relieved because she’s not his type (HA!!). It’s going to be such fun watching him eat his words. I also like his co-star though I’ve only seen her in Mischievous Kiss. A strange name: Because This is My First Life but there have been worse names — lol — oh..and he’s a cat lover who features prominently in the stills…

I’m going to have to be sooo patient till I can check it out.

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