Duel – Final thoughts

I enjoyed watching this drama. Was it a perfect drama? Nope – there were some holes – but that’s to be expected when you’re talking about greedy CEOs, rival siblings and clones and that surreal world.

In the tradition of Nine – which I loved – I never expected to really follow along all the twists and turns regarding the clone plotline anyway. But those are only a few minor quibbles – on the whole it was full of so many really good things.

First and foremost I enjoyed the performances of all the actors in this drama – with the exception of one actress who zombied her way through it. The leads were wonderful – both new to me. I loved how the actor played the lead detective role – so human – so realistically and what can you say about our clone? Loved every second of his performances and the biggest compliment I can give him is that he really and truly did a fantastic job of creating two distinct personalities. Our heroine also was refreshing; creative, kind, intelligent and never boring.

What I also loved was the bromance between detective and clone — so many aah… moments — and what can I say about the family that was created, not by blood, but by love and mutual respect? I could have spent hours in their company and I’m so sorry to leave these characters behind. I’m going to miss them!


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