Finished Cinderella (finally)

I know that it was fluff, and I was fully prepared to just sit back and enjoy it, but the second half made that really really hard.

First of all, that walking zombie they called an actress made it extremely challenging to believe that anyone would mope around just because of her. I’ve never seen suck a lacklustre character and performance.  Such a user – so pathetic that all she did was take, and I don’t think I ever saw her do one proactive thing in the whole drama! Couldn’t figure out what those boys saw in her  – ever!

Thankfully our heroine was wonderful as usual, performance-wise, I mean. Even her character was downgraded from that spunky determined girl we met – that Cinderella who overcame some horrible treatment at the hands of her family. Even she became the usual doormat noble idiot who seemed to forget all those wrongs and smiled prettily in forgiveness. I must say though that her scenes with our boy were really cute, but then her scenes with EVERYone were really nice. She’s just that type of actress.

The boys were all lovely – individually and together – and I would have loved to have seen more bromance time at the end.

I hated seeing so many cliches emerge at the very end, but I was left with a smile (sometimes a grimace I confess), and I guess that’s what counts, right?

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