When You’re in the Drama Doldrums

I don’t think that it’s any secret that Yolette’s currently in that state (as is Javabeans and GirlFriday from Dramabeans, it seems, based on recent posts on the site), and I think we all have times that we don’t always feel like immersing ourselves in a new or ongoing drama. It’s more than a case of life getting in the way and you’re too busy to justify the time spent in lovely escapism – there’s just not enough enthusiasm. The question is, how do you approach this state?

I like a lot of variety in my life, in all aspects, so I am regularly sampling other forms of entertainment, so I don’t always think of it as being in the doldrums when I spend a week or so watching other stuff (currently, I’m spending a lot of time watching mysteries with the spouse, and British architectural/home programs like Grand Designs and Escape to the Country), because so far my appetite for our Asian dramas always gets whetted by some intriguing new plot and/or actor pairings. But I’m aware that my tastes can and have changed over the years. Just tuning into a telenovela is proof of that! They seem (at least the ones on offer on the main networks) muy naco.

One option is to diversify, as I’ve done, another is to walk away for a while and see if the urge to return strikes you, and yet another is to pick up a reliable old favorite, like Lovers in Prague, perhaps, to see if the love affair rekindles. (The one concern with that is that in the midst of doldrums one might become numb to the magic and cause damage – what if you fell “out of love” with an old favorite?) What about you? What’s your approach?

One thing that Yolette and I have chatted about is the way we would trade emails – very long ones! – about the different dramas we were watching, and how very detailed and analytical they were, and we miss that even though we know full well that this kind of obsessive detail is very time consuming 😉 I have kept those old emails and was able to share a few with her that she’d lost due to the ravages of time on computers and old email accounts, and it was indeed fun to go back and see how passionate we were (and sometimes naughty – 🤣😅). The ones I shared were from my viewing of The Rose, with Joe Cheng, so you can understand the ‘naughty’ commentary!

I also miss the old phorum, because it was a great community. Are we missing out because this site is limited only to our immediate circle? Should we consider making this a controlled or fully public site, or open it up to others you may know, to further expand the discussion?