Broke down and watched first 3 eps of First Life

The pull of Lee Minki was too strong! Plus, I keep seeing small references to the plot on my Tlist so I thought I’d watch it in progress so I’m not constantly avoiding spoilers. After what I’ve seen so far, without providing spoiler details myself, I’ll encourage you to do so too, even if we suffer the wait times for new episodes.

I have no idea when they actually finished filming the second episode of this drama but all I have to say is that it is extremely topical! They’ve managed to make me feel all the feels essential to a good drama in just these few first hours — I feel outraged for the heroine, I applaud her actions and love the support she gets from her friends, just as I have a good feeling for his quirks and behaviors and without knowing exactly why he is the way he is, I feel that he’s got solid reasons and I am drawn to him too. Yes, I hate the center part hairstyle, but there are a few moments where we’re treated to full face reaction shots and if they don’t trigger an immediate ‘Awww!’ from you I will be very surprised!

They’ve also built a solid support system for her character and they too have their topical stories, Esom in particular is also equally topical to Jo Sung-min’s issue in episode 2. The guy who was the crack detective/TV host in Queen of Mystery is also in this as the CEO of the company that Lee Minki works for; they’ve developed a successful Tinder-like app, so again, more up-to-the-moment feels for this story.

If it stays on track this could be one of the year’s best — fingers crossed!

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