Observations on Memory Lost

No spoilers, of course, but I just had to comment on something I observed in this production — it’s something I’ve never noticed before!

It looks like they’ve used one very large, very white (all white) room as a multi-purpose location set! The detectives’ office, the pathology lab, and one other (at least) police building room have all been filmed there, simply by changing out the furniture and swapping the angles. Talk about frugal! And unrealistic: how could any civil office building retain it’s sparking cleanliness?

I’ve watched all available episodes (8 of 32-ish) and it’s light on the logic and complexity, but it’s kind of fun all the same. Their accuracy and attention to proper police procedurals is about as authentic as we see in most medical dramas, but I’m not taking it as a training course so I’ll let that slide and let the slightly comic-book-ish ridiculousness wash over me as I watch!

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