So… moving on from Sassy Girl

I debated and searched and then remembered… Falsify. Why? Because where Namgoong Min goes I will always be sure to follow! LOL

He never ever fails to please. The more I see of him, the more I’m impressed with his range and with his growth as an actor. The roles he’s chosen in these last few years have allowed him to stretch those acting wings and show us more and more… amazing if I recall the first time I saw him where he didn’t have to do more than smile as directed, but it was the power of that smile that stayed with me and that made me check out all of his dramas over the years, so glad that I followed along!

In Falsify I can see that he will be just as strong and as memorable. I’ve only seen the first 3 episodes but already I can see that he’s in his element. The drama is a REAL drama and the themes of corruption and betrayal and sins of one human towards another are heavy but still..there are bits of lightness to give us respite from it all. In addition to him there are quite a number of really worthy and excellent actors who will only add to my viewing enjoyment. All veterans whose faces I’m quite familiar with. I love the lead actresses too – there are no shrinking damsels in distress here – everyone is pulling her weight and is on equal footing.

Our hero  plays the role of an idealistic young man whose sports career has been deliberately ended because he was “silly” enough to report something he shouldn’t have – of course, rather than the culprit, it is he who pays the price with his career.

His brother is a reporter who is deeply involved in a huge case and who ultimately is murdered right in front of his eyes because of it.  Off go the rose-coloured glasses and thus our “trash reporter” is born, seeking justice and vengeance on his brother’s behalf, but the level of corruption is endless it seems and the bad guys seems to have all the best cards and seem to be winning all the games.

Can’t wait to see what our hero (who is very creative in his plans) comes up with — with the help of his worthy colleagues. No doubt there will be huge obstacles in front of them but he’s the type of person that will not give up and I’m rooting for him. If my only reward is listening to his beautiful voice and seeing his famous smile I will be happy indeed!!

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