My 2009 homage to Kim Joo-hyuk

Every word true… (except the ‘no woman’ as he’d found his lady love and they were very happy.) 


Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m jealous of any woman who gets to spend time working with Kim Joo Hyuk in a movie or drama – even more so if they’re his character’s object of affection. That must be why I find nothing but flaws when it comes to most of his costars.

Currently, I’m watching him shine in “Terroir,” as wine connoisseur Kang Tae Min, but the clutzy, “sassy,” annoying and somewhat stupid character bestowed on his leading lady, Lee Woo Joo, played by Han Hye Jin (trying her best) is making Tae Min and me suffer. She’s not good smart enough for him, she’s not charming enough for him, she’s not sexy enough for him… I want more. I want a leading lady who will make him shine.

Sure, he’s smiling in this picture (above), and ever so bravely, but I imagine him feeling more…

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