The Package

I just watched the first three episodes and I’m loving it so far! SO much to identify with, over the years I’ve BEEN there, among that group! I’ve followed along so many of those tour guides down those crowded streets, gotten up when told, had breakfast when told (though in my real life scenarios there was no way we’d be the only group at any of these sites!!!) It’s so familar in a bittersweet kind of way.

One of my favorite fluff movies is If it’s Tuesday it Must be Belgium, and these are the exact vibes – wonder if our director has it on his favorites list too! But aside from that, I’m enjoying watching these quirky people. Individually and as a group they are such fun – love the way each back story is presented. Dear Hogu is here – though he’s as far as he can be from Hogu in fact. I just love watching his face – it’s such an appealing one. We have our older couple who fight light an older couple, or should I say one shouts and the other soothes. We have our mystery couple who supposedly are having an affair but all I see is that he’s acting like an indulgent father spoiling a cranky daughter. I like our heroine too – we get layers regarding her background but she presents the right mix of vulnerability and steel that is intriguing. She reminds me a little of that older lady, patiently repeating the same thing. Is she ever going to get her bonus I wonder???? And then the REAL star of our drama – Paris.

I feel like I’m taking this vacation package with them. it’s just amazing to share that with this interesting group of people!!!!

Looking forward to more….

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