Drama Review: Taking the Path Less Traveled: The “Misaeng” Journey

This drama has been available on Netflix for a few months now and I bookmarked it because I knew that I would want to see it again. Last night I felt the urge! Four episodes later and once again I was sucked in by Im Si-wan’s doe eyes, feeling his every struggling moment and celebrating his (so far) minor triumphs. Have you seen this? If you haven’t, I hope that you will make the time to do so.


This review was written for and appeared in the Korean Quarterly

Do you (or have you) work in the corporate world in a “cubicle farm,” or do you love someone who goes into the office day after day? Perhaps you’re in the medical field, and fight a never-ending battle every shift to see to the welfare of your patients.


Do you go to school, and crack the books night after night to keep on top of each day’s lessons, or do you watch over someone who does?

Is your daily life a harried blend of chores and obligations, with just enough sunshine to keep you emotionally fueled and able to continue?

Have you ever felt that you were an outsider and were challenged to find ways to fit in, or have you seen others on the outside and witnessed their efforts?

If so, then the special 10th anniversary drama…

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