The Hospital Ship has sailed

I managed to finish Hospital Ship this week, though not without some fast-forwarding. All in all, it’s not a horrible drama, just not a very exciting one a lot of the time. Actually it should be exciting because there are all these Medical Emergencies requiring the medical crew to Pull Together and Fight Insurmountable Odds! It felt more like one of those earnest Japanese dramas that almost come across as inspirational training films.

There’s not a lot of chemistry with Ha Ji-won and Kang Min-hyuk, though I don’t fault him because he’s grown up nicely and comes across well as a young man who’s had to shoulder a few heavy burdens and is naturally sober and upstanding. It works for him. Her prickly hyper-driven surgeon who doesn’t have time to be a human being until she learns about humanity on the hospital ship (yuck, that does sound saccharine, doesn’t it?) is less interesting. Too bad.

I didn’t actually have high hopes for it; I expected it to be fairly forgettable – a time filler – and it was. Obviously I’m not recommending it.

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