Finished Fight my Way!

Well that was a lovely ride indeed – I enjoyed it very much (just as I knew I would), and if I wasn’t already a fan of that young man, well then, I’m hooked and hooked and hooked! I just love this guy and his way of showing his feelings… and those kisses… Hehehe… awesome! So natural and so real and totally irresistible! Spoilers after the jump.

They had such a lovely relationship. It felt like they were a long time couple who had been married 20 years. The move from friends to lovers was seamless, but of course, for her, it was easier since he had been her first love. How did she manage all these years with that loser of a boyfriend anyway? It took him a little while longer (predictably), but the nice thing was that when he realized it there was no awkwardness and no going back.

Now I admit that the ending episodes I watched in bits and pieces so I must have missed something but I’m sure you can clarify it for me, Robin. They broke up because she could not bear to watch him put himself at risk. So when they made up does that mean that she finally accepted it or had something else changed along the way? I must admit that when there is a risk that he might become permanently deaf I totally agreed with her. Is he crazy to risk it?? I know that it’s hard to give up a dream, but really???

I also enjoyed the secondary couple as well. They were really real and I loved that she became his “diaphragm” which he couldn’t live without, and it was a neat twist to learn that he wasn’t “shaken” because of the normal reasons but only because that girl reminded him of HIS girl – as awkward as it looked.

I’m not forgetting this drama anytime soon. It still makes me smile, and I’m going to miss those kisses – though I know she won’t! Lucky girl!!

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