Adding 2 new items to my viewing list – I’m Not a Robot and 20th Century Boy and Girl

I’m stalling on finishing the last 3 episodes of Because This Is My First Life because I don’t want it to end – kind of how I felt about Fight My Way too – so I took up 20th Century Boy and Girl (completed on air) because I’d seen comments that it was just a sweet, low angst-type romance and I’m Not A Robot (currently airing) because I really liked Chae Soo-bin in Strongest Deliveryman and well, yes… baby So Ji-sub Yoo Seung-ho!

So far, the one that looks most compelling (but I say that after only having seen 3 hours-worth) is the latter, with a fresh plot and very cute-together lead couple, but I am also enjoying Han Ye-seul, who I always enjoy in her dramas, but especially Kim Ji-sook in his first leading role as the guy who gets the girl. I think we’ve all seen him suffer enough, don’t you? (Not that he could really compete with Eric Moon in I Need Romance 2012.) He has this especially winsome self-deprecating or rueful grin that would slay any pair of ovaries I know!

I will (probably) wrap up First Life this weekend (if I can prepare myself for withdramadrawal pangs), so I’m happy to have these waiting for me. What looks good to you? I think Go Back Spouses might be a good choice for a group view – what say you?

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