Go Back Couple – episode 1

What a great start! I really enjoyed that first episode and it flew by so fast. I’m not sure I knew what to expect though I had a hazy idea about what it was about. It had a bit of everything..lovely comedic moments but really poignant ones as well which I didn’t expect.

Mild spoilers after the jump.

Every time I see her (Jang Nara) I’m reminded why I like her so much – she has such a human element to her acting that is so easy to connect to and she seems ageless. It is a bit of a stretch, especially in his (Son Ho-joon) case, to believe that he looks any different – lol – but I’m willing to suspend belief and go along for the ride.

One of my favourite moments was when she was following her mother every where she went. I could SOOO identify with that! Twenty years later I still miss her and I can’t imagine being able to see and touch and talk to her again. I’d be sticking like glue too and pinching myself every where I went! I was tempted to watch ep 2 but resisted.

I do hope that she remembers an adorable little baby that she’s left behind – so far no mention of him at all but we will see what happens next. I’m looking forward to it.

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