Go Back Couple – eps 2-3

I’m continuing to enjoy spending time with these guys. The side characters are showing more substance and individuality too and I look forward to getting reacquainted with the adult versions now that we’re getting to know these younger versions. Spoiler content after the break.

It’s interesting that our heroine’s younger version seems a surprise even to her while he doesn’t seem to have been any different which I guess speaks for itself. LOL, finally she remembered her child, as did he but it irks me that both had to be REMINDED! How can any parent (who doesn’t have amnesia) forget like that?

My heart is starting to ache for the stoic rival – the poor guy is in for some heartache – however unintentional on her part.

Well now that the whole world knows, what’s next?? Will anyone even believe them, or will they pretend that it’s all a big joke?

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