Go Back Couple – Eps 6-7

You know what I especially love about this drama? I love the fact that there are no filler characters. Even the 2nd layer secondary characters are given a unique role and piece of the fabric of the overall drama. I’m sure that in a lot of other dramas that cheating creep of a doctor and his jealous girlfriend/wife would act just as background, over the top noise, but yet here we get to see what’s going on behind her actions… her insecurities… her painful smiles and pretense… aw, how painful it is to contemplate the humiliation she was willing to endure to keep that idiot by her side. Bravo for giving her a new future thanks to our couple!

Course we have no idea what the consequences will be because of all this tampering do we? I know that time travel rules are made to be broken but at least they have to make sense. I’m all confused. LOL, but it doesn’t really matter. I’m so glad that the couple is finally talking to each other and clearing the air.

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