The Many Faces of Ito – Series Impressions

Huh, go figure… A Japanese drama that isn’t super weird (see Kantaro, The Sweet-toothed Salaryman) or the usual quasi training film on how to behave properly! This short, 8 episode drama series is on Netflix, so I was able to start and finish it in just 2 days.

The primary characters are mostly women, with one central female as the lead — she plays a drama writer who’s trying to find a new plot for a comeback — and they’re all very different types. The other women are involved with men/a man named Ito, and she’s intrigued enough to find out what that weird coincidence is all about.

Because it’s more like a web drama in that the episodes are only about 20 minutes long, it gets laid out efficiently, and pretty effectively. Except for a creepy last sequence (and it’s mostly a casting choice that makes me react that way) I would love a second season, or epilogue for this one.