Witch’s Court – First impressions

Randomly picked this one to check out and have seen the first episode. Not too bad at all…for a first episode.

First of all, I like that we have a heroine who seems to have a good head on her shoulders. She’s gone through a lot in life..lost her dad and then her mom disappeared and her dream of becoming a doctor changed to becoming a prosecutor instead..no doubt relating her mom’s story. So at first glance we can see that she’s got drive..she’s got the smarts..she’s cunning and she’s ambitious..but..she’s a woman in a man’s world (literally the only female among males) and is predictably not appreciated as she should be.

Credit for good work goes to her male colleagues..or at least would if she wasn’t creative enough to take the credit back where it belongs..still she has to tread lightly and stay alert to work for an overly “affectionate” boss.  As she herself tries to steer clear of him..she witnesses another woman being sexually harassed and she’s put on the hot seat regarding whom to side with when charges are laid. Her decision is quite interesting and the subject matter is so timely.

I don’t really have a great sense of our hero yet..though he seems sweet and idealistic…but it should be interesting to see how they get along from now on..their start wasn’t exactly promising…

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