Jugglers – First Impressions

A drama about a secretary who wants to help her boss become a leader so she can gain a higher ranking amongst other secretaries doesn’t exactly sound like a great premise for a drama in this day and age, does it? But of course, there’s more to it, including a role reversal where she becomes the “boss” at home (landlord) and things get a little livelier.

Baek Jin-hee, who I have liked in dramas like Pride and Prejudice, has a very intelligent appearance — she’s no Candy type — and she makes this fairly conventional story pretty successful so far (6 episodes into it). Choi Daniel, who I’m okay with, is good as the grumpy, reserved boss with “a past”… or actually “pasts, plural.”

I can see where this is going in a lot of areas, but it’s a fairly low angst (to date) type of story, kind of the way Go Back Couple was. While you’re watching it things are interesting and the main couple is pleasant and it just putters along, not exactly challenging you, but entertaining all the same.

This is on Viki, and the show is still airing so the subbed episodes are available on a staggered release to those with the premium subscriptions first.

UPDATE: Well, I finished this and found it to be fairly predictable and generally pleasant entertainment (damned with faint praise) from start to finish. My initial impressions held throughout.

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