Started While You Were Sleeping – First impressions

I confess that I’m not totally blown over by it and am at the point where I’m happy to explore a little more to see how I really feel. I find it a bit chaotic, this back and forth between dreams and real life, and am not sure in what direction they will take us, and I’m not super sure that they know at this point either!

We have a little bit of everything, from domestic abuse to the usual office shenanigans, to some very cute interchanges between our couple.

I’m intrigued to know how she’s gotten this “gift” of dreaming of future events. I’m curious as to his reaction to it. I’m curious as to what they will do with that “old” age question: “If I try to change the future, what will be the consequences???”

My heart does go out to her as her fear is plain to see, and you wonder how many years she’s woken up and written the details of her dreams on her slips of paper, and how many times she’s tried to stop her dreams from coming true. Her mom is lovely and supportive and they are crazy about each other. The villain is sleazy enough I suppose, but let me say that (whatever follows) I will be there. Why? Because I am shallow and cannot resist watching that tall, sleek body wearing those amazing coats – I’m only at episode 3 and I swear I must already have seen 5 different coats on display. He wears them soooo well! Each scene is like a magazine cover. I’m not super crazy about winter dramas only because it pains me sometimes to see those poor actors freezing on set but the highlight has to be this display of coats on our heroes. That was one of the added perks of watching Goblin too… seeing Gong Yoo in those sexy coats!

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