Final thoughts on While You Were Sleeping

I’m scratching my head here because I couldn’t bring myself to dislike the drama. It had a lot of positives but it didn’t deliver on a lot of my expectations either so I can only recommend it with reservations.

As I usually do after finishing a drama, I read up on the reviews from others to see whether their impressions agree with mine and it seems (from the couple of sites that I checked) that viewers loved it and were going to miss it even. Surprise, surprise! But I can see what it is that they’re talking about. How can you not miss characters that are adorable and cute and funny and loving and supportive… shall I go on?? Of course, it does the heart good to see that, and I too loved that part of the drama, but… I wanted MORE!!!! These two beautiful people had ZERO passion between them – rather than sparkling champagne which should have made our hearts pound – they were more like warmed milk – smooth and soothing and sleep-inducing.  I just don’t want to see that for 16 episodes. Somewhere along the line, it changed from a “supernatural” kind of drama to a simple legal thriller and the usual courtroom shenanigans were as cringe-worthy as they usually are.

I am definitely ready for a good romantic drama that actually delivers!!!

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