So I went down my list and chose Missing 9 as my next drama

I’ve seen about 4 episodes so far. It’s a little bit all over the place but in an interesting way so I don’t mind.

The main story focuses on a musical group called the Dreamers who were on their way on their private plane to an event. The plane had issues and crashed into the sea (btw I had to close my eyes during those scenes or I’ll never get back on another plan again!!) The first episode opens with the fact that – after 4 months – one survivor was found and was coming home – our heroine, who was a stylist for our lead singer (and hero). The problem is she doesn’t remember anything that happened and why she’s the only survivor. Hmm… intriguing. Little by little, via flashbacks, we all learn what really happened but they are pretty stingy with the info.

I like the way they slowly introduce all the back stories and sketch out their characters. Our hero is the spoiled little star who has fallen down in luck and is treated with contempt by his group – seems like they blame him for the death of another member and his career tanked. Our girl is the usual industrious and earnest girl who hasn’t been able to find a job and is determined to hang on to this one – difficult as it may be. There are other shady characters who have their own agendas – and now a murder is also discovered…

It’s definitely got the Lost vibe to it – no doubt about it and truthfully some really funny moments (surprisingly). Our star is really such a good actor that he can do drama and comedy equally well. And he wouldn’t be my first pick to be stranded on a desert island with! It’s also got some plotlines that make me laugh they are so unbelievable but hey, it’s easy to go with the flow in this environment.

Enjoying it so far…

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