If you’re in the mood for crazy manga hair…

I couldn’t watch the next episode of the show I wanted to see on Viki (curse you Kocowa licenses!) so I stumbled upon a completely ludicrous and short (6 episodes) crazy manga-based J-dorama called Hakuouki SSL: Sweet School Life.

All of the guys in the school wear the Most Insane manga hair ever, tortured and teased and choppy cut within an inch of its life, especially this one really weird character who believes the heroine must become his bride – his hair comes down in overlapping bangs/strands of hair that cross over the bridge of his nose!

The plot is paper thin; it’s got different high school boys and teachers all looking out for the safety of the sole female in the school and they’re some sort of reincarnation of a past group who look exactly the same. They’re trying to avoid repeating the fate of the group from the past life in the present… or something like that 🤣

I kind of miss the fun J-doramas, like Mei-chan’s Butler and Samurai High School, so it was a frothy little break from the usual stuff. It’s not going to win any awards, but it will make you laugh.


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