Lead actress in drama “Return” quit (or was fired)?

I don’t normally pay that much attention to these types of articles but this one kind of struck a note. A little mini drama in itself with all the right ingredients..unhappy leading lady..conflict between star and director..even physical violence..well at least pushing and shoving..it must have been such a tense atmosphere on that set..but one of the reasons that she says which led to the confrontation was that she thought her role was changing in the wrong way and she didn’t agree with how her character was changing.

I thought back to the many times we’ve questioned it when such circumstances occur..and how we feel sorry for a really good actor who somehow finds himself in a crazy drama and you wonder why he is even in it. I guess this is what happens..his character gets changed along the way and it’s not what he signed up for but being a professional and having literally no choice..he must stay with the sinking project. I suppose she had no intention of doing that. I wonder how she will be handled in the future. Will she even get a job if she’s considered difficult?

I remember that there was another actress who literally walked off the set because conditions were so bad..can’t remember her name..and she is back to doing dramas but not before she apologized profusely for her actions..so I suppose there is hope for her..probably depends how important it is to her and how strong her desire to continue acting is..