Jugglers – Final impressions

I thought that once the drama finished airing in Korea that the final few episodes would be made available on Viki within a few weeks, but sadly that was not the case! It’s very annoying to try and figure out when a show will episode will be released to the mid-tier subscribers like me; there doesn’t seem to be any sort of pattern. 😒

However… I finally had the chance to finish Jugglers in between Olympic events and I’m happy to say that this is a charming story that addresses office romance and office harrassments in a fairly realistic and balanced way. While Choi Daniel doesn’t always connect with my limbic system, he is very credible as an intelligent and progressive businessman, and cute in a non-overboardy way when he falls for the dedicated and positive in a non-Candy way Baek Jin-hee. She is adorable and while her character is efficient and warm she’s never saccharine.

The villains of the piece are never so dangerous that you’ll be tied up in knots watching this once it gets to the angsty portion of the program, and you know what? Sometimes that’s a good thing! I recommend this for those times when there’s enough drama in real life and you want a lighter, less intense romance.

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