Because This Is My First Life Ep 1


Sorry if I’m jumping the gun.  It’s my day off today and since I had a few hours to kill I dived in.  Also, I just got a Firestick, so for the first time I’m watching a Kdrama on my big-screen TV instead of my laptop.  I like it!  Easier to take notes!

But on to the episode!!

i was laughing my ass off at the cruel and unusual placement of sponsor products in the in-drama drama, omg, hilarious!  Especially the hoverboard, wtf!  Totally breaks the meaning of “riding off into the sunset,” hahahaha!

But how enraging is it that our heroine is playing second fiddle to her brother to such an extent. He seems to love his sister at least, but the father has the decked stacked so unfairly against her. The house is her brother’s but she has to pay all the bills and the down payment? wtf! Already I’m seeing red!!  I like how she calmly explained to the sister-in-law why she it was completely to her disadvantage to stay and not to make her the bad guy.  That was my first refreshing clue that our heroine wasn’t going to be quite the patsy she originally seemed to be.

Also, her nasty friends picturing the brother doing “it” for 40 minutes, hahaha. Honestly, it crossed my mind, too, that the activity was lasting WAY too long. She was on the phone for 40 mins!! They must have been napping and then woke up later and started canoodling just in time to be interrupted, lol.

The other enraging thing. WTF is that boss going on about how the “sunbae” housemate is a “good guy” and should be allowed to stay and be inconsiderate to our hero in perpetuity. It’s obvious that guy does not have a shred of respect or responsibility. Signs a contract, does even TRY to satisfy any of the conditions, then demands his money back like he hasn’t used and abused the property. HOW IS THIS A ‘GOOD GUY’? How is ‘good guy’ being defined here?? I wonder if there is a Korean assumption here that I don’t get or if the outrageousness of the claim of ‘good guy’ is meant as comedy, what do you guys think?? B/c we’ve seen this before, an assumption that some people should get a pass even if they’re being shitty human beings and there’s nothing wrong with it. The only person in the wrong apparently is the one being victimized and daring to be upset about it. (I’m specifically thinking of “Cheese In the Trap” here)

I thought it was really sweet how our hero seems to be trying to chat up the only woman in his sphere in his own awkward way. The equally clueless Bo Mi also doesn’t seem to register his interest, but why else would a guy dwell repeatedly on what she’s wearing and whether she’s comfortable?

I like the way Se Hee and Yoon Ji Ho are coming together though. Like backing up into each other and when they turn around, the other will be right there. I was surprised that our heroine also liked soccer just like the Facebook guy that Se Hee is confusing his roommate for… then I thought, is it really her page and she’s using a boy’s photo?

But damn, girl! Seizing the moment to plant a kiss on who she thinks is a stranger she will never cross paths with again! Ah, fate! Little does she know! LOL!  This is gonna be fun!



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