Because This Is My First Life – Ep 2

This guy has totally won me over – I could happily just sit and watch him in his stillness.

Spoilers after the jump.

First and foremost I have to say I find is so refreshing to see that the kiss hasn’t led to that awful path of “love at first sight” – hate that!! I love the fact that she didn’t think much of her first experience and I know that I will remember this reaqction later on when a kiss they share WILL mean something..why? Because there will be lots of emotions attached!! He is so right in his belief that because neither of them was impacted by the peck on the lips that they could be good roommates (cause the poor man doesn’t know that he’s in a!!)

I especially like it that they really treat each other with respect and that neither is extreme or reacts extremely given the awkward situation. I love that both are SO honest with each other – they are so in tune – she doesn’t bother lying as to why she kissed him – she doesn’t bother with false pride (how can she when he’s seen her in her most embarassing moments??). In a way that’s so liberating for her and she can be herself and not fear judgement from him. Whaat a perfect confidante he turned out to be..who knew???

That head writer – grr..I loved it when she was told off..hehehe..I was soo proud of her..she might not have  a job any more but she can at least live with herself. So now they are on the traditional path of the marriage of convenience and I can’t wait until they go from “no spark” to lots of sparks – but I hope that they take their time so I can enjoy each moment of the journey!!!

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