Because This Is My First Life – Ep 3

First of all..let me totally superficial and tell you how much I am enjoying watching this tall lanky matter what he wears..I love it all!!!

So..back to that head writer..I didn’t trust that phoney smile for a moment (even though her words might have been true)..she had a plan and we found out what it was soon enough. Is there anything worse than having your pain minimized and being expected to swallow it and move on and even being condemned why you choose not to? What a shining moment for could see that whole scene build and it was awesome when she told them off…brava!!!  That guy did seem remorseful and he obviously must have confessed his deed to them but still..if he’d tried to apologize personally what would her response have been?

Another thing I love about this couple is that there is minimum squirming involved..yes..there are definitely awkward moments that’s true but..I suppose because he is who he is..he didn’t even seem to mind that she overheard his mom question his rather..he applauded her for being clever enough to hide in the first place! you think that she left her stuff there on purpose..without realizing it? Obviously by doing so she ensured future contact..though not so soon..but how can she resist those words he threw at her about needing her..the least romantic and most romantic words she’s ever heard!!

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