Because This Is My First Life – Ep 4

It’s so weird to see Lee Min Ki behaving like such a zombie, I’m used to seeing him much more laid-back and easygoing, hahaha. I do hope his character will mellow out soon; it won’t be easy living with someone who is so stiff, monosyllabic and reserved all the time. I mean they have the makings of a great friendship, why are they still so formal with each other? Watch more soccer!!

I felt really bad for Ho Rang in this episode. First of all, kudos to her for not jumping to the stereotypical conclusion that her BF was cheating on her with her BFF when she saw them together and he lied about it.  Secondly, her thought processes were spot on given the information she had: her BF and BFF coming out of a jewelry store and being secretive.  Thirdly, 7 years is a damn long time to date without even a whiff of a proposal!  I totally understand how she lost her mind.  BUT.

BUT. That poor guy!!  He was trying so hard to make her happy, went into debt for a year to buy her what he thought she wanted and all she did was scream at him for being an idiot. I can’t blame him either that he was hurt, frustrated and resentful.  Honestly, she’s dated him for 7 years, why does she not realize how clueless he is by now and just tell him outright that she wants to marry and have kids already? This expectation women have that men can read their minds is just a recipe for all sorts of unhappiness!

I found the scene with our heroine’s family annoying.  I’m sure it was meant to be funny but I would have much preferred it if Se Hee had told dear old Dad where to shove it. He’s the one who didn’t provide for his daughter, helps the son kick her out of her own home, and still wants to criticize how she arranges her living situation?  She’s already 30 and bringing a suitor home for the first time and he’s not even happy for her?  Argh.  I just don’t like that family.  The Mom should just rebel.


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