Because This Is My First Life – Ep 6

Ay Dios can such small little words like “our” and “us” be sooo powerful?? They’re little but they pack such a huge punch because of everything that they imply and I can totally understand why she would be so tickled pink to hear them.

Not surprisingly she unconsciously changed those tenant/landlord rules and that did not go’s all about timing..she happily took that step forward whereas he is way behind her..for now. He’s just happy that all that stuff is over and that he can finally get back to the peace and quiet that he had at home before and looked forward to enjoying the future with his perfect tenant..he’s not ready for that tenant to suddenly take initiative and start naming HIS cat and acting differently from what he had words were direct and to the point and really hurt though that wasn’t his intention..I did feel sorry for her..she was upset..even though if she thought about it she shouldn’t have been surprised..and yes reject her  but you still expect to eat her breakfast?? Loved how fast he felt comfortable doing THAT!!

Now we have a new character in the doubt brought in to be a catalyst in moving this relationship along..I’m reserving judgement..and how silly is she to be giving out her number to a stranger in the street!!

I’m so glad that Mom is happier now..he said the perfect words..not empty and insincere promises but something he could be truthful about given the situation..something tells me that he’s going to having two doting moms in the future!!

As to our other couples..sigh..after seven years haven’t they learned anything about each other?? How could he believe that she’d be so petty and superficial as to be upset because of THAT silly reason? I’d be offended too..maybe there isn’t hope for these two..there’s no doubt about their love but are they really a match made in heaven?

As to our other two..there he goes again..being romantic and charming her to long will she be able to resist? HOpefully she will unblock the poor steps..

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