Because This Is My First Life – Ep 5

Woot!  Cried a lot in this episode!

The mother-daughter interactions were off the hook! First I couldn’t understand what her deal was, why she was belittling her own daughter in front of her in-laws like that, bu I guess she was just too angry and disappointed that her daughter had failed to reach her dream and had become “like everyone else.”  Man, that letter she wrote to the son-in-law tho…  😭

I guess it’s a cultural thing once again that the Mom has to beg the guy to let her continue to work after marriage if she wants to, when it was my natural assumption that of course she would continue working, whether this was a “real” marriage or not!  But man, offering to come and do the household chores instead…😭😭😭😭😭😭  Couldn’t blame our heroine for sobbing.  Christ, it wasn’t even MY mother and I was sobbing.

But it was kind of funny, this episode, with all the parental scenes.  The hero’s father is also a piece of work. His mom must be an angel stuck between these two taciturn men, hahaha, happily pronouncing them tsundere. That she’s fighting getting a divorce instead of running into the street screaming Hallelujah, I dunno. LOL.

I was LOL that Ho Rang’s BF and his “mentor” confidently shot right past the correct reason for her upset and settled on that she was mad b/c it was the display model??? wtf??  Hahahaha!  Clueless! Both of them!!  I couldn’t even understand why he was SO sure it wasn’t marriage she wanted?? The subtitles were so vague!

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