Because This Is My First Life – Ep 7

Eww, the new guy is so gross!! Oozing all that smarmy entitlement like some latter day Casanova. Not attractive at ALL. Not cute, not funny, not endearing and certainly not charming.  Also, his response when she told him she was married, what was THAT?? Just because you have a husband doesn’t mean you can’t have a boyfriend, say WUT?? Seedy morals to boot.  I can only hope our heroine will have the good sense to stay away, but since she already seems to have adopted him as a little brother I guess my hopes are moot.

CEO Ma was super cute in this episode, using his phone as a dodge to berate that old pervert.  I was LMAO.  I’m sorry he got caught though.  And that nasty boss, who shakes his dick after peeing and immediately turns and puts that same hand on CEO Ma’s shoulder. And then wants to speak to him in banmal even though he’s three years younger…. how is it no one has taught this mf some respect for others yet and he’s already this old??  He needs a good beating and i hope he gets it soon.

I like Ho Rang’s new strategy with her recalcitrant boyfriend.  She’s right, it’s self-defeating to ditch that idiot now after having already invested 7 years in him. Withholding the milk now after the cow has been giving it for free is a good one, lol. Also the double-wrapping, I found that so funny!!  This is definitely not the kdramas of old, would that ever even come up??? Hahaha!

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