Because This Is My First Life – Ep 8

I don’t know… I’m a bit iffy about this episode… there were highs and lows for me.

First of all..I felt even more resentful that Mr. Gross had that much screen time..and this whole stalker plotline is just not fun and (in my mind) completely unnecessary…I totally understand that his role is to serve as a catalyst to move our couple forward but..surely there were much more creative uses of this character that could have been employed to achieve this?  Sigh..that threatening scene at the end just made me roll my eyes and I want to know HOW SeHee knew where they were? She didn’t have her phone with her..I don’t remember her ever mentioning that she’d been there all of Seoul he figured it out so easily???? I hope that we find out next episode..and why oh why did she go off with him AGAIN when we could see that she had a moment of disquiet when she was starting to put two and two together and realizing that something fishy was going on with this guy…the man who has made no secret of the fact that he’s pursuing you and that he doesn’t care a whit about your husband? I don’t much care if she has rationalized it to herself that he’s in the little brother category..when he has no intention of being in that category! She sbould get a reward for…(can you tell I’m peeved at her???).

And then we have SeHee..trying his best to investigate and not act until he was sure because he didn’t want her to lose that job…first of all you’d think that if that was the result he’d be happy because he doesn’t want her working there in the first place..but yes I know he’s trying to respect her wishes and not interfere BUT if he thinks she might be in danger can you please TELL her of the possibility and let HER decide what to do?? He has stressed that he wants to respect her and that things are to be HER decision..but how can she make an informed on when she doesn’t have all the facts???? So irritating..

OUr two other couples had moments as was so sad really when the poor guy is hit in the gut by the question of why he created that app? mean all these past years have been a waste of time?? (Frankly SeHee was so right…who wants your friend to wake you up in the morning because you didn’t hear the first That’s so absurd..even though that doesn’t mean that there are more apps around which are even MORE absurd!!). Still it was a lovely moment when he sought comfort from his girl and they felt like a real old married couple in that moment.

I was also getting tired of everyone making such a fuss over that it provided some funny moments I suppose and I really did enjoy that sweet moment when he kicks it over at the end…finally..actions that speak louder than WORDS..completely diffused Mr. Gross too! His last words were like honey though..heart melting…loved it! And..we see that he too has made a decision..after all she was quite clear that he should watch his words or she might surely he realizes that he’s just taken a step forward to husband and a step back from being a landlord??

So glad to end on a sweet note after some irritating moments…

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