Because This Is My First Life – Ep. 9

WTF! What does this MEAN???

Dude was already married?  Who’s this Jung Min person??? And why is he digging out old marriage records now after just talking about love?  Eeeeek!  There goes my vision of her love defrosting his virgin ass; now apparently he’s like this because he lost his previous wife and doesn’t want an encore??  At least I’m guessing that’s what the previous marriage certificate is all about.  What I don’t know is if she died or if there’s some chance she’ll be sashaying her way back into the picture.

Anyway, I’m glad they explained how he found her up that hill (though it’s amazing the road to go up there was closed, yet so many cars parked up there, how do they get down?)  That said, however, I really liked the image of him running up that hill, discarding his bag and coat along the way trying to reach her in time.  And then he held her hand the whole way home—-squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Smarmy Bok Nam seems to have been completely exonerated, even from having crap morals, since he knew their marriage wasn’t real from the get go.  That said, I still don’t like him and think it was creepy how he was moving in on her while hiding that he knew all her secrets.  I hope we see less of him and his motorcycle from now on (is the motorcycle brand a sponsor too?? That thing has more screen time and dialogue than our leads!!).

The tears of CEO Ma though!!!  How did he turn out to be such an adorable squish????  Here I thought this whole time he was this swinging man on the make who had had such amazing sex one night that he was hoping for a second round with the lady in question and found her a challenge.  Instead his little heart has been bleeding internally this whole time from all the holes she put in it.  Looks like she was no match for his tears though. Her defenses all went down instantly!

I’m glad Ho Rang finally got her proposal. The BFs little speech about the ‘perfect truth’ was lovely too–so sad she didn’t get it.  I though for a moment she was pregnant. She was feeling nauseous earlier then ravenous later, then she was too sleepy to get up in the morning… my suspicions were rising.  I was like uh-oh! She was too late with that double wrap! :D!


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