Because This Is My First Life – Ep 10

Ok, I want my OLD Se-Hee back… I hate his new hairstyle — just like I hate all those helmet like and unnatural hair on my heroes!!

It was nice to see how the girls became friends but I wish that they had cut the time to half..( I felt like this was at the expense of our!!)..still it was interesting to know what dreams these girls had and how well they’ve succeeded in achieving them.

That mother-in-law barging in..I can’t believe she did that! It would have served her right if she’d been exposed to the exact scene that Ji Ho was faced with when she entered her house at the beginning of this all..this is supposed to be a normal marriage isn’t it?? Good thing he changed the code..should have thought of that earlier!

These duties of a good daughter-in-law are so extreme. Why does the work have to fall on the shoulders of ONE person when there are so many hands to help??? It was so irritating to see that lady gushing over her new “slave” then to be paid for it afterwards..ouch…money was the farthest thing from her mind..and unfortunately her attempt at explaining didn’t seem to have much impact.

These two have such a long way to go..the man hasn’t got a clue what’s going on and can he be even more irritating as he analyzes what he thinks is going on??? One step forward two steps back..that handclasp is becoming a distant memory..but I love the way she’s just so happy to be able to see him every day and bask in his company..makes me feel good just looking at her.

Should be hilarious to see him pay her back…

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