Because This Is My First Life – Ep 11

Eekkk!!! the world has shifted and we’re moving on  to bigger things!!!! What a great many things to love..ESPECIALLY the cliffhanger!

I kept thinking of the words to that song from My Fair Lady” “I’ve grown accustomed to his face..”..robot? Expressionless? Did we EVER think that of our guy?? One of the best things in this episode for me was that it reminded me almost of a flower that opens up little by little..there were so many variations on that lovely face: irritation and dagger stare when he was criticized for naming the app, fatigue at his kimchi making adventures; pleasure as he sees her appear at the gate; satisfied expression when she admits that she was worried about him..I can’t believe that I ever thought that face was bland..heck..I even find it cute now..even though he’s still wearing his awful hairstyle..I could stare at this guy for hours and never tire.

But I love that he is still himself..I many men would openly admit in their workplace that they were taking a day off just to make kimchi???

And..I love that he had such human reactions this episode..he too acted distinctly un-landlord like when he makes note that his tenant is really peeved with him..that sounds like a husband in the doghouse to me..and heck..on the bus he even asked about whether she’d eaten and should they eat out? He’s crossing lines too..

Won SEok and Ho felt so sad watching these two unhappy people and judging from past kdrama breakups I wouldn’t be surprised if this was their last date..I’ve learned that this is a very popular way to leave a partner..strange as it may seem to me..and I’m not unhappy..they are obviously both miserable the way they are now..

So…back to the finale…of course I loved it..loved that they always have these moments of communication and closeness..but what I really loved was that this kiss wasn’t in reaction to a heated moment..wasn’t was our hero admitting that he’d been thinking of this for a while and taking that definite step forward by initiating the whole thing..and it was a two parter too..he gave her a chance to stop and then gave ..what is for me one of the sweetest smiles that I’ve seen yet..when she obviously wanted more instruction on the art of…let her wonder and question when he became such an expert!!!!!

Can’t wait to see what’s next…

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