Because This Is My First Life – Ep 12

Awesome – perfect start and another perfect cliffhanger and so much sandwiched in between!!

Was that girl transported or what? Phone? What phone? I don’t hear a phone!! (I can imagine how much fund THAT was to!) And I loved it when she stood up to that bully neighbour for her man – and so did her..that smile just kills me!!! But for the whole episode these two were just too adorable for words..that shared awkwardness..that delight in just looking at the other person..that silent communication (and invitation)..ha..I’m sure that smile would be even bigger if he could read her thoughts!! What a great date and small endearing moments they refreshing that he didn’t sulk when she clearly showed how awful his skill was in balloon popping..but rather proudly clapped for her..they had me smiling for the whole episode!

I have to hand it once again to the writers for being so clever in weaving the product (bra) into their storylines..sure it felt preachy and like an infomercial at times but still..kudos to them..Wonderbra should be very satisfied!

So..we finally see how his first breakup – so painful to watch and it has me even more curious as to what it could have been to cause them such pain. He looked much so that he took her words to heart and deliberately shut his heart to any sort of happy that Ji Ho came onto the scene to put an end to his life sentence.

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