Because This Is My First Life – Ep 13

We’re inching closer to the end and I feel myself slowing down – something I always do when I’m really enjoying a drama and don’t want it to end!!

This episode was jam packed wasn’t it?? Loved the fact that she didn’t even hesitate in saying yes at his question..I know that it almost wasn’t necessary because her body and her face already said it all..can there be a more clear invitation as she looks behind her?’s lovely that he actually asked..rather than just acted. So what is the story of the tangerines? I don’t think I’ve ever seen that…and then a further interruption as he goes for’s a good thing we got a hug (yumm!!) and a kiss in between or it would have been a frustrating interesting that there was no reference to it the next day..something I’ve sort of come to expect from this honest couple.

I’ve just got to say..can he please continue with his bad jokes? I love them!

CEO Ma goes beyond what he should have done by introducing himself to her mom..and I can understand her irritation at this manipulation but what I can’t understand (totally) is her reasoning. I’m not sure if it’s the subtitles but was she saying that in her mind there were two strikes against her to prevent her from being a suitable girl you take was that she was the daughter of a single mother who didn’t’ even know her dad and that said mother was obviously handicapped and her responsibility? I wasn’t sure what to make of that really and I think we’ve touched this in the past. Is having a handicapped mom the end of the world or is she exaggerating how she thinks others would view her? Whatever the case..I love this guy..those honeyed but very perceptive words were just amazing to hear..he’s got it BAD and he knows it..

I’m so happy to finally meet his ex and to have another view of her in addition to the painful one we briefly had. She seems like a woman who has definitely moved on with her life..unlike him who was stuck in limbo for all these sad that they lost a child..that was certainly unexpected. Seeing the confident, funny (she tells bad jokes too???) successful woman now I wonder if she will truly be surprised that her words were taken to such heart by him?

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