Because This Is My First Life – Ep 14

As has been mentioned..there are so many things that we can relate to in this drama.

For many times does it happen that you know that one day you’ll meet a key person and you try out different scenarios as to what you will say and what you will do..over and over..and then when the moment comes it all goes out the window and it’s over before you’ve had a chance to register it? I can only imagine the hours he’s thought about a re-encounter with his ex and when it was nothing like he thought it would be…unexpectedly all he could think about was another person altogether..

After the painful way they parted I don’t know what I was expecting but their interaction now is so and of course it’s due to the fact that we also have a special “other woman” here..thank goodness! None of that spiteful and clingy entitled sort that we usually see..I love that this girl has moved on and matured so well..and is so generous in her behaviour and her advice..even when she complains that after all this time he came to her as Ji HO’s husband instead of her ex-boyfriend!! Just shows the strength of his feelings that he did though otherwise I don’t think he would have had the heart to approach her..I so loved the advice that she gave him about putting his love into words…and it’s kind of sad that these two almost had a child together but he never spoke the words of love to her..of course she needed to hear them too and maybe that led to her departure since it gave her doubts as to what he really felt. I suppose though, given that they were college kids, it’s more believable but this guy…lol..all he has to do is ask the girl to sleep with other words said??

Good for Se Jin..that creep of a boss..intentionally made the situation EVEN worse..I can’t wait for him to cower like the coward that he is..didn’t she look awesome dressed in black and out for revenge??? Speaking of looking good..ay..a Se Hee dressed in that black sweater should only be allowed with a warning: women with bad hearts should avoid at all don’t know how our girl can ignore it when it’s screaming at me through the screen!  Silly girl…and she didn’t even notice that our cat has his name on..he looked so cute while he was trying to get her to can he look cute AND naughty at the same time??


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